Weekly Training Recap: Dec 10-16

After a rough week last week, I was just hoping this week went better. I could really use a confidence boost as I look towards my final week of Dopey Challenge build up!

Monday - Rest day! 🙌 

Tuesday - Plan: 6 easy miles, Actual: 5 easy miles at 9:21 min/mile pace. I woke up late and was still feeling last week’s training hard so these miles were taken slow.

Wednesday - Plan: 5 tempo miles with ~1 mile warm-up and cool down, Actual: 5 tempo miles at 8:23 min/mile pace with ~1 mi warm-up and cool down. I woke up feeling really tired, totally zonked, but didn’t want to give up on this workout so I just ran by effort and honestly this is right around where I want my marathon pace to be for Dopey so I’ll call this a win even though it felt like a struggle.

Thursday - Rest day! 

Friday - Plan: 6 medium effort miles, Actual: 5 miles at a 8:29 min/mile pace. I put in some effort on these miles but nothing too taxing. Just enough to get the legs going, get some mental focus, and feel worked at the end of it.

Saturday - Plan: 12 long run miles, Actual: 12.1 miles at 8:49 min/mile pace. I really stayed focused on this run and ran at a medium effort and came out feeling great. I started feeling a little achy around mile 10 but pushed through and felt really strong ending this run. A great boost to my running confident!

Sunday - Plan: 6 easy miles, Actual: 10.2 miles at a 9:20 min/mile pace. Decided to up the mileage since a few of my runs came in short and also run on tired legs like I would be on marathon day. Not my strongest run and got caught at a few long stoplights but overall this was a really fun run!

Total Mileage: 39.3 miles (Hey, I ran a Goofy this week!)

While this week started off rough, it ended super strong and I’m feeling confident as I go into my last big week of Dopey Challenge training. I’m feeling somewhat rested and strong and ready to kick some 50-mile-week butt! I also got my Magicbands so I’ve got some extra “it’s-almost-here” excitement going. Happy training everyone!

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