Weekly Training Recap: Nov 19-25

Monday - Plan: 4 easy miles, Actual: 4.2 miles at 9:22/mi pace. My legs felt sore and tired but once they got going they were okay. Just tried to keep it feeling nice and easy.

Tuesday - Plan: 8x400m Actual: 8x400 between 1:42 and 1:46 with a warm up and cool down. Legs were still feeling tired (I was definitely looking forward to my rest day) but felt good about my splits. They were all at a good pace and I wasn’t totally spent after each lap, they felt strong and in control.

Wednesday - Rest Day! Since I was travelling to Ohio I swapped my normal Monday rest day for a rest day on this day!

Thursday - TURKEY TROT! I decided to run to and from the race so it was 2.8 miles warm up and cool down with the 5 mile turkey trot in the middle which ended up being perfect! I’ll write a full race recap this week but my goal was to run 7:30/mi pace but ended up crushing it and running the 5 miles in 35:22 which was 2 min faster than my anticipated pace.

Friday - Plan: Rest Day, Actual: 9 miles at 8:54/mi pace, decided to take advantage of the sea level and flat running and so went and ran the miles I originally planned for Sunday. These miles felt so nice and easy, I loved it.

Saturday - Plan: 18 miles, Actual: 18 miles at 9:57/mi pace. As you can see from my pace, this was not my day. I set out feeling ready mentally but around mile 7 my legs were feeling all the miles from the previous days and my legs really started aching. Not pain but just aching. I slowed my pace and just tried to get through it. I also discovered that Fruit Smoothie flavored Honey Stinger gels are DE-LICIOUS! Definitely going to be using these more often. Around mile 14 the weather got really bad, The temps dropped by ~20 degrees, the wind got fierce (30 mph), and it started snowing. Again, not my day. I decided to head back to my apartment complex and finish on the treadmill so did the last ~2 miles were on the ‘mill. This run definitely reminded me how hard the Dopey Challenge can be and also pointed out that I REALLY needed to work in more hip strengthening exercises.

Sunday - Plan: 9 miles, Actual: REST DAY! Much needed since I was still feeling all the miles on my legs. I also enjoyed my final Thanksgiving of the weekend!

Total Miles: 46.9 miles

This week was full of highs and lows. My Tuesday track workout was great and my Turkey Trot was amazing but then it ended with one of my most difficult long runs in recent memory. This week definitely reminded me how hard the Dopey Challenge is and how important the training is right now. This next week is a down week which I’m really looking forward to both because I need some rest and also because I need to get some major school work down as the semester winds down.

What was I listening to?

Once again… 99% Invisible. They had an episode on the Green Book which was really interesting to learn more about.

BibRave Podcast: LIVE with Meb and Peter Sagal - I was catching up on podcasts and this one was really great. I really recommend listening to it!