Weekly Training Recap: Dec 3-9

This was a rough training week. I was still recovering from my cold but needed to log some serious Dopey Challenge miles. My mantra: don’t give up and just give it the effort you’ve got.

Monday - Rest Day!

Tuesday - Plan: 6 easy miles, Actual: 6 easy miles at 9:05min/mile pace. I was still recovering from my cold so just tried to run by effort and just get the miles in.

Wednesday - Plan:  6x800m with a warmup and cool down, Actual: 6x800m at paces from 3:33 to 4:01 with a mile warmup and cool down and 200m between each rep. Man, I really struggled. My cold was still kicking me a little bit and I wanted to throw in the towel after almost every rep. By rep 5 I decided to just moderate the pace, hence the 4 min 800, and just run what I felt I could do. I wanted to get some faster leg turnover but I didn’t want to fall back into my cold and throw off the rest of the training week. It was a struggle.

Thursday - Rest day!

Friday - Plan: 6 miles at medium effort, Actual: 6 miles at 8:58min/mile pace. Ended up taking these miles a little easier than planned, there are no heroes on run 1 of 3 of a Dopey Challenge build up weekend.

Saturday  - Plan: 10 easy miles, Actual: 1.5 miles of puppy running (aka run/walk/sniff method) and 8.5 miles at 9:0min/mile. Decided to mix it up a little bit today and take the pup out. Today I had two goals, 1) be on my feet for a longer time to simulate the half marathon and 2) to log at least 10 miles. Both goals were accomplished!

Sunday  - Plan: 20 long run miles, Actual: 20 miles at 9:49min/mile. Man this was tough. It started out okay and then physically I just wasn’t there. Mentally, I felt great but I just couldn’t overcome how my legs and body were feeling which is honestly great practice for the Dopey Challemge because the marathon is a struggle.

Total Miles:  48.2 (Hey! I almost ran the 48.6 😋)

Overall, this week was hard. My body was still recovering from being sick and everything just felt 30% harder than it normally does. I was bound to have a training week like this so I’m glad it happening now so I still have time to recover some confidence as I tackle my final couple of weeks before tapering!