Weekly Training Recap: Oct 29-Nov 4

Let’s dive into another week of Dopey Challenge training!

Monday - Rest day!  I also did some light core work in the morning, this has become one of my favorite back strengthening exercises: 

Tuesday - Plan: 5 easy miles, Actual: 5 easy miles at a 8:55/mi pace. I finally did some stretching last night (that was much needed) but I think it made my legs feel weird. Legs felt tired/out of sorts which is unusual after a rest day.

Wednesday - Plan: 6 easy miles, Actual: 6 easy miles at a 8:50/mi pace. More miles under the belt and felt pretty good. My legs were feeling more normal than Tuesday.

Thursday - Plan: 7 miles, 1 warm-up, 5 tempo miles, 1 cool down, Actual: 1.2 warm-up miles, 5 tempo miles at 7:55/mi pace, .83 miles cool down. I was feeling pretty tired when I woke up so these miles felt hard. When I first started I actually thought about just changing the run into 7 easy miles… what?! I can’t have that! So I was proud with how this run turned out.

Friday - Rest day! Total rest, a trip to Sephora to pick up some stuff and get my birthday freebie, and then chicken tikka masala for dinner. A good day!

Saturday - Plan: 15 easy/long run miles, Actual: 15.25 miles at 8:55/mi pace. This run was overall really great. I decided to do my large loop backwards which was fun to do. It’s always nice to get a new perspective on my running route and overall I felt really strong. I set out wearing too much so took off my gloves and put them into my handheld water bottle pouch and tied my wind breaker around my waist but about 7 miles in I was glad to have them when the clouds rolled in and some hail and wind cooled my off really fast. Other than some hip and low back tightness it was a really great run! I finished it up with some core strengthening and I tried out a runner’s yoga cool down in hopes it would help my tight back and hips.

Sunday - Play: 8 easy miles, Actual: 8 easy miles at 8:52/mi pace. These miles were really great. Easy and head clearing where I pushed enough to feel like I put in a good effort out there. I finished it up with some core strengthening and another yoga cool down session!

Overall this week was a great running week. After being so focused on school the week prior this week was all about self care and focusing on the other things in my life. I also continued my plank a day and 30 days of thankful challenges that will take me until Thanksgiving/my birthday!

Total Miles: 41.25 miles

What was I listening too this week?

Lots of political and Disney podcasts per the usual but I also tried to enforce some self-care by indulging in some Christmas music (yes, I’m that person). I’ve really been digging the Epcot Christmas Entrance loop playlist on Spotify!