Weekly Training Recap: Oct 15-21

So I’m going to morph my weekly podcast recap into a training AND podcast recap!

I don’t normally like to share my training in detail but honestly, right now, I could use some accountability. Between school, working as an intern, and trying to find a full-time job I could use a little accountability to get me to Dopey Challenge.

I’m currently using a hybrid plan based on the plan I put together last year with one major change. Usually in a marathon ramp up I do a track or speed workout on Tuesday and then a tempo run on Thursday but I’ve decided to do one or the other every other week. Right now, running isn’t my number 1 priority. It’s fallen pretty far down so this is one way I can take some of the pressure off of this area of my life.

So with that…

Monday - Rest day! (Always a rest day!)

Tuesday - Plan: 6 Easy miles, Actual: 5.1 sort of easy miles, 8:40/mi, 376 ft gain. It took me awhile to get up and get going so I had to cut the run a little short. I might have picked up the pace a little more than an “easy” run but it was still under control.

Wednesday - Plan: 5 Easy miles, Actual: 6.2 sort of easy miles, 8:36/mi, 350 ft gain. Again, I ran a bit faster than I probably should have but overall still felt good.

Thursday - Plan: 4 mile temp run with 1 mile warm up and cool down, Actual: 1 mile warm up, 4 miles tempo, .75 mile cool down. So tempo runs have become difficult because I’m not really sure what my marathon goal pace is right now. For Dopey, running a sub 3:45 marathon is the goal so I can get a guaranteed entry to Chicago, but I like running my tempo runs sub-8 min/mi which is faster than it needs to be. So I just keep doing my tempos at an 8 min/mi pace, this one I clocked in at 7:55/mi pace. Not too shabby.

Friday - Rest day!

Saturday - Plan: 15 Easy long run miles, Actual: 15 Easy long run miles, 9:10/mi, 1,100 ft gain. I really wasn’t feeling this run. I haven’t been feeling most of my long runs lately but I’ve got my eye on the prize, my trip to WDW and Dopey Challenge #6. Long run motivation hasn’t gotten harder since I'm not going for a PR but I know I need to push myself to make sure I can get to race day ready and healthy!

Sunday - Plan: 8 Easy miles, Actual; 8 Easy trail/mountain miles, 10:44/mi, 1,100 ft gain. After struggling Saturday, I needed a head clearing, trail run. The weather was warm and the sunshine felt great. It felt great to get to the top of Green Mountain again!

Total miles: 40.1

What was I listening to?

99% Invisible

I love this podcast and recently they put together a series called “Article of Interest” which is all about how different fashion or clothing came to be. It’s so fun and it’s been great getting to think about something other than politics while on the run.

Check them out: