Weekly Podcast Roundup - Sept 8

Some more suggestions for your listening pleasure! This week we've got some interesting food for thought related to a variety of topics.

Mousetalgia - Interview with Tom Morris, ex-Disney Imagineer

I love Mousetalgia but I really love when they get to interview past Disney employees, especially imagineers. This interview with Tom Morris, an Imagineer who worked for 30 years with Disney is an amazing look into the post Walt to the present from an Imagineering perspective!

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99% Invisible - The First Straw

Straws are a really hot topic right now and while this podcast acknowledges that straws are only a small part of the overall plastic/disposable consumer culture problem we have right now, they also dive into how straw came to be. It ended up being a really interesting listen!

Listen her on the 99% Invisible website

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Planet Money - Cheese Caves

So awhile back I learned about the cheese caves that the US government had but excess milk and cheese is still something the US Agriculture Department still manages. Regardless, if you are economically inclined, this is an interesting digest on how price controls on milk during the Carter Administration led to GIGANTIC caves of cheese and later the government cheese program.