Weekly Podcast Roundup - Sept 22

Some more suggestions for your ear holes!


So this isn’t a podcast but on last week’s Mousetalgia podcast they remembered a Disney community member who went by DJ Technoid who makes fun techno mixes of Disney park music that only a true fan could make. Here have been the ones that I’ve been listening to and will probably end up on a runDisney playlist for an upcoming race:

Check out more of his mixes here: Listen on SoundCloud

Disney Wedding Podcast - All About Disney Wedding Cakes

So I LOVE the Disney Wedding podcast. Am I planning on having a wedding at Disney? Hell no, but the host has the most soothing voice and in general it’s a super relaxing and fun listen about a place I love from an angle I’ll probably never experience. This week’s episode was extra fun because the Disney bride she was interviewing is also a pastry chef at the Grand Floridian! She MAKES the wedding cakes and gives all the details about the delicious cakes they make. Now I really want to order a custom churro cake for some event at WDW, maybe my honeymoon if I can swing it!

Listen on the Disney Wedding website

Listen on Spotify

Reply All - #102 Long Distance 1 & 2

This is not only an interesting topic but told so so well. This podcast had me on the edge of my seat and now I kind of wish I had saved it for the car trip to Cheyenne. So you know those annoying scammy phone calls saying you have a virus or you owe the IRS money? Well this reporter got one of those and then went deep, waaaay deep into the world of the orgs that send out these calls. It’s a fascinating, frustrating, and thrilling listen!