Weekly Podcast Roundup - Sept 15

Another week has come and gone and what a week it was!

I was able to listen to some awesome podcasts that I can’t wait to share.

The Splendid Table

I felt like entering the world of food podcasts and found the title Peppers, Onions, and Butter and knew it was for me. It was a great listen and you should totally check it out. First, is a segment with someone who knows how to properly cook Mexican dishes and knows all about chili peppers. Next we talk to a chef dedicated to onions and then a farmer who makes delicious butter. It’s a great listen!

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Today, Explained

So I was following the Serena Williams controversy from the US Open but in another sense I was having trouble following what happened and the subtext and the episode Game, Upset, Match helped me sort it all out. Get the full details! (I also binged on some other episodes and really like this podcast!!!)

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Just 2 this week, happy listening! Leave your suggestions below!