Weekly Podcast Roundup - October 6

Guys, it’s been a week. Honestly, most of what I’ve been listening to has either been related to the Judge Kavanaugh appointment or Disney music. I’ve been trying to give myself a mental break from all the happenings in our politics when I’m not deep diving. I’m pretty exhausted after this week but going to try to find some TLC time in between writing a grad school paper and other weekend happenings. I need to find some zen guys.

So with that let’s dive in.

The Weeds - 2 Episodes

The Weeds is a great podcast that does a great job at diving in and giving a little more context for political issues. They’ve done a couple episodes on everything surrounding Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation that I think are worth a listen.

Vitamin String Quartet Performs the Nightmare Before Christmas

This was my go-to music this week. It feels festive for the Halloween/Fall season and it’s really well done. If you need some low-key instrumental tunes I recommend this!

1A - How The 1990s Paved The Way For Today's Political Divide

This was an interesting listen to get some perspective on how the polarization over the last 25-30 years has gotten us to where we are today.

Be Our Guest Podcast - Listener Questions

This is the Be Our Guest Podcast’s standard listener question show but I just LOVE this podcast crew. They are positive without being disingenuous or saccharine and are always a podcast I like to save for my easy runs so that I can just find some zen. Just wanted to shout out one of my faves!