Weekly Training Recap: Oct 22-28

Phew! I’m glad last week is done and it’s a fresh Monday. It was intense.

So it started off like any other week and I knew I had one large paper and a presentation to get done on top of work and life but Monday on the bus I was doing the normal “to do” list for the week and realized… I had not one but TWO papers for grad school due at the end of that week. After a minor panic, I started figuring out how I was going to get it done and, well, something was going to have to give. In this case I flip-flopped two of my training weeks. This past week was suppose to be another week of mileage build with this week being a recovery week but given that I needed some extra time for school work I switched it up and took my down week early.

So with that switch here’s how the week went:

Monday - Rest day! (Work + writing the rough draft of one of my papers)

Tuesday - Plan: 400x8 at the track, Actual: 5 easy miles because I woke up late from all the work I did on Monday. Miles felt harder than they should but with the anxiety I was having about everything I needed to get done it wasn’t surprising.

Wednesday - Plan: 5 easy miles, Actual: 400x8 at the track. I hadn’t been to the track in like 2 months which felt like forever so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had set out hoping for sub 1:40’s and maybe a 1:37 or 2 but ended up with all the laps between 1:39 and 1:42. Not my fastest but I’ll take it since I’ve been so out of practice and was lacking some focus.

Thursday - Plan: 8 easy miles, Actual: 8.3 easy miles at a 9:01/mi pace. When I looked at my training plan for the week I thought I was a little crazy for putting 8 miles on a weekday. Normally anything over 6 is a stretch but I went to bed determined to get it done. I had adjusted my weekend miles down, so getting in 8 miles was key to getting a decent mileage volume for the week! These miles were just what I needed to clear my head and help reset on a week filled with anxiety about almost everything in my life. 

Friday - Rest day!

Saturday - Plan: 12 miles, Actual: 12.1 miles at a 9:10/mi pace. These felt hard. I got out later than expected (because papers) and my body was feeling all the stress from the week. I turned on some podcasts and just tried to find my zen and keep it nice and easy.

Sunday - Plan: 6 miles, Actual: 6 miles at a 8:45/mi pace. I took the first part easy and then turned up the intensity a little bit as I was climbing some hills but it was a glorious warm fall day. It was just what I needed to shake off some of the stress and help me refocus and push to finish and turn in my papers (which were all turned in my 8pm, yes!).

Total Miles: 37.6 miles

Also, this week I started my 30 Days of Thankful which I also paired with a plank a day. 30 days of mindfulness and strength as I gear up for turkey day/turning 30!

What caught my ear this week?

Another shout out to 99% Invisible for amazing content. This podcast on dinosaur art was amazing, no seriously, amazing!

Check it out: Welcome to Jurassic Art