The Weekly Podcast Roundup!

So I love podcasts, like really love them. I bring them up in conversation, I get the best information from them. and I can listen to them while I'm out running! This is the beginning of a series I'm hoping to do which will give weekly recommendations of some awesome podcasts I've listened to this week!

1. Bibrave Podcast - Optimize your training based on your gender!

This was one of the most informative podcasts I've listened to in a looooong time. If you are a lady athlete, a coach, or just care for a lady athlete you NEED to listen to this podcast... multiple times and then read Dr. Stacy Sims book. That is the plan I'll be following!

2.  Slow Burn Season 2: Pres Clinton Impeachment - Episode 1

This Slate podcast is a narrative journey full of interviews and audio that follows the Clinton impeachment and everything leading up to it. I was younger when this was happening so it's fascinating to listen and hear the full story. Here's the trailer:

3. Planet Money - Postal Illuminati

A shorter podcast but a weird and fascinating podcast about how international postal works and the weird deals that happen in an international organization. Check it out here:

4.  This American Life - Feather Heist

This was a weird and interesting story about the high stakes world of fly fishing lures that is told so well. It may sound like a weird topic but you'll get sucked in. This episode is all about one story instead of the usual 3 act format that This American Life normally follows. Check it out here:

These are the ones that piqued my ears and I hope you enjoy them!