Never Too Late For Goal Setting!

So every year the new year comes around I feel like I've been thinking about what I want from the new year but this year I really struggled with goal setting. 2018 is going to be a year of transition in many areas of my life so setting a big goal of "run another ultra" or "run x number of races" felt unrealistic.


I was also struggling with the question of...

What do I want from running in 2018?

Usually running is a way for me to set goals and push myself in a more personal way. Setting the goal of getting a BQ and running the Boston Marathon was also one of my biggest goals and so 2017 was a BIG year. So it left me with a feeling of, what's next?

Do I want to go farther? Faster? Tighten up some of my mid-distances? Maybe put running goals completely on the back burner and just get to a place of meditation with it rather than achievement?

Setting zero goals for running didn't feel right for me but I needed to "right size" my goals so that I wasn't burning the candle on all ends (work, grad school, relationships, other hobbies, and running as you all know can really pile up). 

So here's where I ended up:

  • Focus on mid-distances aka sign up for and focus more on half marathons and 10ks (maybe even a 5k!)
  • Aim for a 6 min/mile - this was a new one that came to my mind but I really like the idea of running workouts that make me feel uncomfortable in new ways. Originally, it was a more definitive "run a 6 min/mile" but I read some training plans and some say that a 6 min/mile might not be attainable for all (is this true?) so I adjusted. My fastest mile to date is a 7:06 and I would love to see how close I can get to a 6 min/mile
  • Sign up for and run the Dopey Challenge 2019

My biggest limiting factor right now is time and acknowledging that fact really helped me reevaluate my goals and if the goals were feasible. Working 40-50 hours a week + 20 hours of grad school was burning me out in the back half of 2018 so this realization really helped me figure out what levers a could pull.


I also am not opposed to setting goals throughout the year so if I end up in a place where I have more time, then let's get on track for an ultra or something else. The new year is a great time to make some goals but I'm never opposed to reevaluating, adjusting, and setting new goals throughout the year since life happens, things change, and it's best to evolve with it!

How do you approach goal setting?

What are you going to achieve in 2018?

Leave me a comment!