Mid-Year Check In

We are halfway through 2018!

Are we really halfway through 2018?! Yep, Katherine we are.

Wow this year has flown and so much has happened I’m glad I’m taking a beat to reflect and share everything. I’m beyond excited for the remainder of 2018 but it’s nice to really appreciate everything that 2018 has already brought me!


So let’s start with the running highlights:

  • New 5k PR: 22:17 (Frank Shorter 5k)
  • New 10k PR: 45:23 (Bolder Boulder)
  • New mile PR: 6:34 (set because I refocused my training)
  • Completed Dopey Challenge #5 - had a blast and set a new Marathon course PR! I can’t imagine starting the year in any other way. so barring future conflicts which would prevent me from going I am going to keep doing the Dopey Challenge for the foreseeable future.

At the beginning of the year, because I was working and in Grad school, I decided that I needed to focus on shorter distances to help balance my time better. This definitely helped take some of the pressure out of my life. Also, working on my mile time definitely stretched my comfort zone and it showed as I crushed my 5k and 10k times this year. In the last month my body has kind of been out of sorts (combo of not taking the time to recover after the Bolder Boulder and pushing my overall distance a little quickly) but I'm trying to run more mindfully and make sure I do all my foam rolling so I can bounce back quickly. Time for a quick reset before I tackle the back half of the year!

I’m also probably eating better than ever in my life. In January, there was a week of work lunches, after work drinks, stress, and just generally bad eating which flared up my stomach acid really bad. I have always had reflux so it's not something new but it got a bit out of hand, like pre-ulcer levels of bad. I also didn’t take care of it promptly which led to a few month battle of trying to heal and get back to feeling normal. I started by changing my diet immediately, focusing on more alkaline foods but it only got me so far. I then took Prilosec for the better part of February, March, and April to help my stomach heal. I really struggled sometimes to find foods that wouldn’t flare up my stomach pain but that meant I really changed my diet. There were a couple of weeks where I felt like I couldn't eat anything and I was miserable but now I'm back and improved!

Here are the biggest changes/discoveries I had though during this whole journey:

  • I started eating all the leafy greens and now crave a nice kale salad
  • I gave up coffee (this is huge since I was like a 4 cup a day gal) and switched to tea - the switch ahelped my anxiety a lot
  • I reduced my sugar - I also didn’t realize how much these sugar spikes affect my anxiety too
  • I started drinking breakfast smoothies - I do this one minus the pepitas, substituting plant milk for the almond milk, and adding a half scoop of Amazing Grass Protein powder (I tried Vega too but something in that formula upset my stomach)
  • I learned my stomach didn’t like almonds and quinoa (bummers…)
  • I've been tracking all my food and now have more insight into my diet which is often

Overall, I’ve just been eating a lot cleaner with lots more fruits and veggies and I definitely notice the difference. While I'm back to normal these changes have definitely stuck. In the past I was always “too busy” to really focus on the food I shoved in my face so while dealing with this stomach thing was not fun, I came out the other side much better since it forced me to clean up my act.

I also have been really dedicated these last couple months to my core and strength training and it shows (hello arms and abs). Everything is just overall stronger, it’s been great!

Other Life Stuff

I GOT ENGAGED! Me and my boyfriend of 4 years are engaged and looking forward to many more adventures together.


I left my Project Manager job at Craftsy to refocus on aligning my career with my Masters in Public Administration. I’ll be starting an internship with the City and County of Denver next week and I couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity!

I’ve read 5 (non school related) books! This might not seem like a lot but for someone that usually reads like maybe 1 or 2 books a year this is big for me. I also learned that a great way to pass the time in a 3 hour line at Disney is reading a great book on the Kindle app!

I got to travel to see all the canyons! Well maybe not all of them but a good handful. Our country is beautiful and I’m so lucky to be able to travel and see these beautiful places. Bryce Canyon might be one of my favorites, it’s so cool!

What’s Next?

Time for new goals!

  • Sign up for Dopey Challenge #6!
  • Set a new Half Marathon PR - my current PR from 2014 is gathering dust and after dedicating so much time to the track I'm ready to work on my distance again.
  • Kick butt and be present every day of my internship (You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life has really helped me refocus my mind)
  • Stay calm while planning our wedding and stay focused on what’s important - our love, having friends and family around us, good food, and to not stress about anything else
  • Stay energized about my MPA school work and learning new things

These are the big ones and I might add a few as the year rolls on. Here's to more of 2018!

What are you hoping to do with the remainder of your 2018? Leave me a comment!