Hello? Hello? Is This Thing Still On?

Hello? Are you still there? Hi there fellow runners and fitness nuts, it's been awhile!


It's been a whirlwind of work, school, running, friends visiting, life transitions, and everything in between.

But now, the spring semester is done, I'm transitioning out of my current job, and I'm looking forward to a summer of new beginnings and trying things on for size. I've done a lot of personal growth over the last 6 or so months and I'll be sharing with you all where I've netted out on all that too!

So let's do some quick recaps!


Running definitely took the back burner this spring but I've aimed to run at least 100 miles every month and I've been chipping away at my mile time. I've run a 6:54 and then a 6:34 and I'm due to do another timed trial next week (ahead of my fun Grand Canyon adventure) so I'm on my way. I've become a regular at the high school track and I've enjoyed the variety of runs that it's introduced me too.

I raced my first 5k in I can't remember how long and ran a 22:17, a new PR! I've got the need for speed!

I've got the BolderBoulder coming up on Memorial Day and then maybe a fall marathon (looking at the Route 66 Marathon) just before I turn 30, but I need to wait to see if I have the funds for that.


I just finished up my second semester of grad school towards earning my masters in public administration and I LOVE IT! These classes test me in different ways but the coursework is really stimulating. I've especially loved my budgeting class (no real surprise as a lifelong math and spreadsheet lover) and I'm hoping to try to find a position that will help me explore that direction more. I applied for a bunch of fellowships and internships and I'm excited to see if I can land one and then learn as much as I can!


The boyfriend, the cat, and the dog are all great. We are all in a place of wanting to figure out how to get to the future we want. Take some calculated risks and figure out what I want my next path to look like. When I came out of college I was just excited to be working and everywhere I went I was learning something new and trying something out. Now I realize I want some real career paths and focus to work through growing a real career.

I've also done a lot of personal values growth. Most specifically about how to be a more sustainable and conscientious consumer. I want to live a life that doesn't promote overconsumption and I want the purchases I do make to have the right impact. I switched to using all bar soaps (I'll write more about this later) and I'm trying to not be a "fast fashion" consumer (more on this too). Both have been fun and I really appreciate making small changes to reduce the number of "one-time" use plastic items in my life. Small changes really add up guys!

So What's Next?

At this point hopefully a lot! I'm excited to try new things and ensure that my next step is taking a determined step in the right direction. I want my life to be full of more hikes, more time with the boyfriend, more time with the dog, more running, and more love.

Hope your spring is wrapping up well and you are ready for some summer fun!