When Life and Running Collide

Hello all!

I’ve had to make a tough decision, one that I normally just plow through and incur the costs but I just can't this time. It's eating me up!

So back in the fall (Oct 26th to be specific) I finally made the plunge and signed up for the Chicago Marathon. It is one of my dream races. The plan for 2017 was to run my fourth Dopey Challenge, then Boston, and then hit another World Majors and another state and complete the Chicago marathon. It was also going to be Wookie's first trip to Chicago and I was picturing pizza and museums on the schedule.

Now let’s fast forward. I'm starting grad school in a couple weeks. We got invited to 4 weddings (3 of which are happening between Sept 2 and Oct 28th and all out of state) and, well, funds and time were now running low. 

While I had already put down the cash on the race, I was still looking at a moderately expensive flight and some pretty expensive nights at the hotel. My dream of taking a long weekend in Chicago and showing Wookie the city for the first time were now turning into an in-and-out style solo trip which was still going to be pretty expensive. Was that really worth it?

So I’ve made the decision that no runner likes to make. I put on my adult pants and realized I can't do it all. I have to defer my Chicago Marathon entry.

I’m most bummed considering all the people in the BibRave and running community that were going to be at this year’s race. It was a seriously deep roster of awesome people that I was going to get the pleasure of meeting for the first time. I’m beyond bummed that I had to make this move but it was the right call.

I really want to go to the weddings and see friends and celebrate with them. When I do make it to the Chicago Marathon I really want to do it right (which will hopefully be next year) and get everything from the experience that I can absorb. 

But not all is lost - I’m instead going to run another ultra that weekend! If you’ve been following me on social you may have noticed a long trail run this past weekend, yeah that was because I needed to get my butt in gear for elevation and trails not for flat, flat roads.

While I super bummed, we all have to make decisions and this time, family, friends and other travel won over running. This doesn’t happen often, maybe this is a moment of growth? I’d like to think so.

I do have some other fall races to look forward too like Hot Chocolate 15k and Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in Denver!

To being an adult and all the good and difficult decisions that come with it!