So Shiny - Brilliant Reflective Review

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Hi all!

It's time for a review!

This time it's to review the Brilliant Reflective Stick-On and Iron-On strips that make anything SO SHINY! Like "WHOA - that is SHI-NY" shiny.

These strips come in a handful of colors and 2 types - Iron-On and Stick-On. They are ALL super shiny though and reflect light really, really well.

If there is one thing that I'm serious about, it's definitely about being visible on dark or low-light runs. When it's dark out I try to put on my reflective gear and my headlamp to make sure I stay extra visible so these strips were right up my alley. I can make ANYTHING more visible now - awesome sauce!

Each set comes in 2 different "cut designs". The Iron-On has 12 pieces, 4 medium-length thick pieces, 4 medium-length thin pieces, and 4 short-length thick pieces. The Stick-On has 8 pieces, 2 long-length thin pieces, 2 medium-length medium pieces, and 4 long-length thick pieces.





So first I tackled the Iron-On pieces to add to my favorite and most frequently worn jacket. This is the jacket a grab both for those early morning, cold runs and as well as camping trips, chilly nights around town, pretty much everything so adding them to this jacket will be paying dividends for a long time.

Since this is my favorite jacket I wanted to be extra careful when applying heat. Luckily, the jacket tag said it could handle some ironing so it was game time!

I'm a sucker for fun packaging and I love how this unfolds to give you all the details - efficient and less waste - love it!


Okay so I read over the instructions. I had my iron on a low "2-dot" setting and a paper towel on hand. First step though, figuring out the layout. The biometric guide was great to help me get started!

I even used the packaging to help me line up the pieces!

I even used the packaging to help me line up the pieces!

After a few minutes of ironing I was done! This was so easy and now I have forever reflective pieces on my favorite jacket!

I then added the stick-ons to my helmet to give it some extra flare and reflection - you can never be too visible on a bike!


The stick-on ones are great - so easy and they are slightly flexible so they can really conform to surfaces as needed. It's awesome - I'm definitely pick up some more of these especially since you can:

SAVE 35% with code BRP35

That means you can get a pack for less than $10 when they are normally $14.99. Safety for biking, running, walking, or whatever you do outside for less than $10, that's a deal!

So what's your best tip for staying safe during low-light conditions? Leave me a comment below!