So Fresh - Smell Well Review

Hello all,

Sorry I went on hiatus again, things have been... crazy... work ramped up, I'm peaking for the Boston Marathon, and I have some other life stuff cooking (more on that another time) and it's been crazy town.

However, I did get to test out this really fun product that I'm excited to share with you all.

SmellWell are small pouches of fruity fresh smelling beads that keep your shoes smelling good and absorbs moisture to help to dry them out quickly. They are pretty awesome.

I've been reading some articles recently on how to make running shoes last longer (like this one and this one) and one thing that's important to making your shoes last longer is to let them dry out between workouts.

This is where SmellWell really win in my mind. The small beads not only smell really great but also absorb sweat helping those sneakers dry out quicker and (fingers crossed) last a little longer!

There are other powders and inserts out there that might make them smell fresher but few can do what these pouches do and NOT use dangerous chemicals or fragrances. This product lives up the EU's REACH standards (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemical Substances) which ensures that products are safe for everyone!

This makes me super happy! These things smell awesome but I will say, the smell definitely.. sticks. I accidentally put them on a pair of gloves when not in use and now those gloves smell like the SmellWell pouch. Many of my socks now smell like SmellWell. It's not a bad smell but if you are sensitive to fragrances, it's something to note.

Right now, you can't buy them in the US directly from SmellWell but you can buy them from Blue Chip for $9.95 (buy 3 get one free deal going on!).

So if you are looking for a chemical free way to beat odor and moisture for those running shoes you should check these out!