Shining Bright - Knuckle Lights Review

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So I've had seen Knuckle Lights before. I've seen them in my running store, I've seen ads online, and I've seen them at expos. They seemed cool but I wasn't sure if they would well... work. So when we got the BibRave call to review, I jumped on it!

I always had 1 major concern - will these light the path while my arms are swinging around as I run, I mean they can't right? Well, in fact they can!


First the details:

  • Each Knuckle Light is just shy of 4" tall and the light part is 1" wide
  • Each Knuckle Light is <3g
  • There is an adjustable strap on the back
  • There are magnets that allow the pair to "stick" together
  • The charging station is super easy to set up and use so you never go dead!

I really love how they click together making it easy to keep these together all the time. I'd hate to lose just one!

The docking station is so easy to use!

Light turns green when they are ready!

Light turns green when they are ready!

Okay so they are super easy to use but do they work?

Yes! Each of the lights has a wide angle so it fills the space well (flood light beam). There is a high beam (140 lumens each), low beam and blinking mode so when it gets warmer I can't wait to put one of these on my backpack on blink mode to remain seen!

The high beam filled the path and my surroundings and it was great to have the ability to direct just one light away from the path if I hear something. I can feel safe and keep my pathway lit.

I also love that if I don't want to find my watch's light button using my bulky gloves, I can just direct one of the lights to my wrist to make my watch visible!

What I love is that I can easily store them in a jacket pocket for those later afternoon runs, just in case. I took them with my on my long run that I started a bit later and with the sun setting behind the mountains before 5 it was nice to slip one in my pocket just in case I needed it because I'm moving slow.

BONUS - Having 2 hunks of this plastic on each of my fists makes me feel a little more ready to defend myself should that situation arise, unintended awesomeness!

I really don't have anything bad to say. They are rechargeable, light-weight and don't give me a headache like my headlamp can when I put it on too tight. If you are looking for a headlamp alternative, try these out!

Check out the Knuckle Lights here:

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