"Cool is all about [BUFF®] sleeves" - BUFF® UV Arm Sleeves Review

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So when I start writing a review, I like to think of something somewhat punny. I came up short with sleeves but it did make me think of the Demetri Martin joke about sleeves...

Okay now that we've covered that... let's get on to the review and talk about how cool sleeves are!

So over the years I've collected a couple pairs of sleeves. 1 pair are so freakin' soft and I love them for chillier starts where I know it'll warm up throughout the race (think early spring marathons). I have another pair that are lighter weight, not great, but they get the job done if it's slightly cold or I want another layer. I've mostly treated my arm sleeves like I treat my compression socks, they will keep me warm on a slightly cooler run but I don't expect much more than some extra coverage and the ability to easy peel and store a layer mid-race.

Then enter the BUFF® UV Arm Sleeves.

These are made of the awesome BUFF® UV material you know (and probably love) but they've designed it and added extra support.

Sizing with sleeves is always a little iffy for me. My arms aren't big, but they are long (5' 8" with limbs on the longer side) so that sometimes mean either they are took loose or too short. I took a look at the size chart and determined that the M/L will probably fit me and not make my arms feel like packed sausages.

Rockin' some sunny trail miles at Betasso!

Rockin' some sunny trail miles at Betasso!

So the first thing I noticed was the color - I LOVE HOW FUN THESE ARE! I feel like it's a party every time I put them on and when I pass other runners I know they've got to be jealous of my sweet sleeves. If this color pattern is too much for you, there are lots of others to choose from!

Technically there are only 3 colors in the women's collection, but I'm sure they'll be rolling out more!

The next thing I noticed when slipping these on was how comfortable they are. You definitely know you are wearing tight arm sleeves but they didn't feel constricting. For me the stayed put and were super comfy. They also have some reflective details for some extra safety!

So I knew these would keep me a little warm on cooler days but I was mostly interested in their cooling properties - could I wear these on a warm, sunny Boulder day and stay comfortable or would I want to ditch them?

The answer: I definitely could!

I wore these on 2 warm, very sunny trail runs and both times the material grabbed my sweat (I tend to sweat at my elbow joint) and then used the moisture to cool me off. Everytime a slight breeze came by I got a nice cooling feeling on my arms. It was pretty awesome.

Also since these provide UV protection I could use less sunscreen. I have a love hate relationship with sunscreen but these sleeves definitely help. Toss on a racerback, put sunscreen on my shoulders and upper arms, throw on the sleeves and I'm good to go!

Okay so to recap:

  • Sun protection: check!
  • Cooling effect: check!
  • Comfortable fit: check!
  • Fun color: check!

These sleeves hit all my criteria and I know will be a staple in my running gear collections for years to come.

And as Demetri Martin says - sleeves = cool.

So now I want to know - what is your go-to gear for those "in-between temperatures"?