Can Never Be Too BUFF - BUFF® Pack Run Cap Review

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It's that time again - that time I get to review something! A double win because I get to review something from one of my FAVORITE brands - BUFF® USA!

In the past I reviewed sleeves, wool BUFF®s, reflective BUFF®s, half BUFF®s... I'm sure there are some I'm missing and each has yet to disappoint! They all hold specific places in my running wardrobe repetoire and so will the Pack Run Cap!


This thing is light-weight, stretchy, packable, smooshable, with reflective details!


Okay so let's get to the review. This hat is ridiculously light-weight. This hat is ridicilously foldable and plackable. This hat looks like it will definitely last well over time.

I wore it for speedwork, I wore it in the morning, I wore it on the trails, and I wore it on the multi-use paths and it was great. The downside of it being a hat is that my ears are not protected from the sun, I did my normal double up with a half buff for my longer runs to try it out. It wasn't the worst but I needed to make sure it was up high enough since the bill of the hat is not rigid. It's rigid enough to stay up on it's own but not stiff enough to really handle any weight or bending.

I pulled the drawstring in the back a little tight so it left some intense forehead creases that would take some time to go away. I also never perfected a low-enough pony to avoid some bunching on top, not a problem but just wanted to note.

Plus you can flip it up and - voila - another fun BUFF® logo!

Not cool enough to rock it this way :P

Not cool enough to rock it this way :P

So while this might not be my go-to hat for every run I do know that this will be my go-to hat for hiking and trail running. If I ever (or rather when I) sign up for a 50 or 100 miler, this will definitely be in my pack. It's so light-weight and packable you can just fold it up into a pocket. Since I'll probably get a little fussy when I run for that long, it'll be nice that I can use this as a sometimes wear, sometimes pack item when the time comes.

So that's all for now - holler with any questions in the comments!

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