3 Things I Gain From Running with Headphones

Today I was perusing Runners World (this is how everyone spends their Sunday right?) and came across this article, 3 (Good) Things That Happen When You Run Without Headphones.

I'll admit it, I've thought about going wireless. Sometimes I'll even turn off my podcast or music to get some "alone" time or to take in an awesome race moment but for the most part the idea of leaving my audio (95% of the time it's podcasts) at home gives me MAJOR pause. 

After reading this article I felt inspired to go sans headphones for a while but let's be real, that gave me some anxiety. My audio is my running security blanket.

For me it's more than just a distraction to help push, heck sometimes I'll get to the end of a run and realize that for some of it, I'm not even sure what the people were discussing or what songs were playing. They were just with me, keeping me company while I listened to my inner monologue to push a little harder.

Here are my top 3 reasons why I just can't say no to (mainly podcasts) while running!

1. It's How I Run And Stay Informed At The Same Time

So one of the big reasons I choose podcasts for my run is that I feel like I'm making the most of my time running. Especially when I'm just doing an easy run, podcasts mean I get that time back to not only stretch my legs but also my mind. I can keep up on everything from current events, to learning about obscure things, and, especially important, staying up to date on the latest and greatest of Disneyland and Walt Disney World. It's a win-win!

2. It's Like Running With Friends

What makes a great podcast? Great discussion, great audio quality, and a group or host that you can relate to. Without these I lose interest fast and so the podcasts I take on my run feel like I'm running with my awesome, usually well-informed friends. Sometimes I get angry or don't agree with the opinions but overall the right podcast can turn a meh run into an engaging journey. Similarly a great playlist can make you feel like you are the hero overcoming struggles in your own movie!

3. The Right Music or Podcast Can Make a Run

There have been many studies that confirm that running with the right music can make or break a run. If you are tired from a long day or not looking forward to the early morning alarm, sometimes the thought of jamming to tunes or listening to that favorite podcast can change your mood and get your ready for that run. I have certain podcasts that I regularly save for my Sunday long run because they are longer discussions that always open me up to knew things and differing opinions. Every Sunday I get the pleasure of listening to a group of well informed friends and experts. It's such a treat!


So what's your favorite thing to listen to? Do you nix the headphones on some runs? What's your favorite song or podcast to listen to? Leave a comment to let others know and share the wealth!