What Inspires You to Run?

Today’s post is really going back to the mission of this blog, to spread the magic that is found when you decide to lace up. Everyday people are making the decision to get out there and it’s truly inspiring.

Not every run is a perfect but everyday you can find inspiration to run one more race, one more mile, or one more step.

So I threw it out to my running friends on social media to get some inspiration and here’s what they said:

The running community. I have made some of the most amazing friends through running over the years. Between their encouragement and the joy that they bring me, I can’t help but want to continue to lace up my shoes and run with them.
— Brandi G @FunnerRunner13
I always joke that it’s the Bs. Beer, burritos, burgers, and butts. ON the real, though, it’s that it provides me sacred alone time to connect with myself in ways I can’t otherwise do. I get to think about things and work through what’s bothering me. It’s important therapy that’s literally saved my life.
— Amerlia Gapin (@EntirelyAmelia
I run because it makes me feel good and I’ve found a nice tribe who also feel good when they run. Running was the worst in high school. I actually had a coach tell me, to my face “you’re not a runner. Face it. You never were and you never will be.” I like knowing that he was wrong. I’m just getting back into it after being really good running a few times a week and then taking about two years not doing anything. It feels like I’m reuniting with an old friend.
— Kelsey L
The people and the way it makes me feel. Fit and fearless.
— Lauren Bailey (@lnrbailey)
— Patrick (@Whatthe5k)
For me it’s knowing that no one can do the work for me. If I want to get better (not even time wise, just improved fitness or stamina) I have to put in the work
— Steffany R

Why do I run?

I run to reconnect with myself and to continue to see my body as a strong and capable machine. For years I battled eating disorders and when I finally got into running I was able to quiet these voices and see food as fuel and not the enemy. Everyday it connects me with amazing people and reminds me of what I can achieve when I work hard.

So, why do you run? I’d love to have a comments section full of inspiration so let me know!

Looking for additional inspiration?

Check out #Run3rd - a group dedicated to the 3 things your run for, yourself, your friends and family, and then something bigger than yourself. It’s a beautiful mission.

You can also follow the #MondayMotivation hashtag on Instagram and Twitter to get a boost each week of quotes or people sharing their amazing achievements.