The #BibRavePro Review the Trekz Titanium Pink!

The BibRavePro team is at it again and this time it's to review the Trekz Titanium Pink Edition bluetooth headphones!

These are like the regular Trekz Titanium but they have partnered with Bright Pink, a group dedicated to women's breast and ovarian health, and 25% off all proceeds from the Pink Trekz Titanium goes to this great organization!

I got to review the Trekz Titanium awhile back and got to tell you all about the bone conduction and ease to hear the world around you while still hearing your favorite podcast or music. They are pretty awesome, click the link below to get the full details!

Enough about that though, let's hear what these pros are saying about these sweet headphones in styling pink!

Heather, from Heather Runs 13.1, talks about how much she loves the safety of hearing what's around her while on the go and all that AfterShokz is doing to support breast and ovarian health all September and October!

Angie wore her Trekz Titanium Pink while running, mowing the lawn, doing yard work, fixing cars, and taking conference calls. She's hooked!

Jessica of Live Slow, Run Fast loves her Trekz Titanium and loves the Pink edition more because it supports breast and ovarian health research!

Brenda talks about how awesome the Trekz Titanium headphones are while running and biking and also gives us some statistics on breast and ovarian cancer risks. This is a super important cause!



So don't delay and support a great cause while getting an awesome pair of bluetooth headphones! Just as a reminder every pair sold in September and October will have 25% of the proceeds donated to Bright Pink!