The #BibRavePro Review Oofos Recovery Sandals

It's time for another review roundup!

This time the BibRave Pro team is reviewing the Oofos Recovery Sandal!

These sandals are made with a special kind of foam that helps to absorbs shock, reduces pain, and cradles feet for natual support. Oofos are the best sandal to wear before and after your race to keep ou toesies happy!

So that's enough from me, let's hear what the Pros have to say!

Andrey Ablamunets enjoyed the comfort and fit of the Oofos!

They felt snug and comfortable on the foot. The extra cushion felt great when I was walking around because it was absorbing the impact of the ground. I really liked that the OOfoam conformed to the outline of my arch instead of just being flat.
— Andrey Ablamunets

Shannon Chenoweth of This Girl's Got Sole really, really enjoyed slipping on these bad boys after her workouts. Also, as a Floridian she knows her sandals!

When I’m not wearing my running or workout shoes, these have become my go-to footwear. They are supportive and you feel incredibly light as you walk around in them. Honestly, they are like heaven for your feet.
— Shannon Chenowth, This Girl's Got Sole

Chad from Running for the Average Joe has put these sandals to the test, walking about 100 miles in these shoes and also spent some time on an elliptical!

One night during a hotel stay I wanted to get a quick workout in. However I forgot my shoes were not with me. So I hopped on an elliptical in my Oofos and went to town for almost an hour. And they held up great!
— Chad, Running for the Average Joe

Jen of Run Jen Run gives her thoughts and shows them off in her every day life (lots of dog pics!).

Do you get blisters the first time putting on flip flops in the spring like I do? Well not with these guys! Score!
— Jen, Run Jen Run

So there you have it, the BibRave Pro team REALLY liked these sandals! You can check out a pair of your own and if you don't love them send them back in 30 days!

So I want to know, after a hard run what's your simple way to unwind and relax those tired and sore muscles?