Sweat Proof - UV Half BUFF® Review

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Hello all,

Another review for you all and this one is an amazing, fun, and EXTREME useful product. This will protect your skin, catch sweat, and make you look super fly.

I'm talking about the UV Half BUFF® of course!

I got to try out the UV Half BUFF® in Petrol - It's so pretty!

The UV Half BUFF® is:

  • Half the length of the full BUFF®
  • Protects skin from 95% of UV rays
  • Has a 4 layer technology system to lift sweat
  • Can be worn in both hot and cold weather

So this is my new favorite running accessory. I've been wearing headbands for years to help protect my forehead between where the visor is and where my hair line starts. Being burned here is REALLY annoying.

No more forehead burn!

No more forehead burn!

I even tried it under my visor too and it caught all the sweat on a very, very hot and sweaty long run.

For $15 you can't go wrong with the BUFF®, I'm sure to get some more in the near future. The hardest part will be picking the pattern you want! Check them out here.

What are your tricks for beating the heat? Leave a comment below!