Sharing the Run Love! <3

Hello runners!

With Valentine's Day right around the corner I thought I'd share with you some fun ways to share the love on your run!

  1. Run with a friend or loved one! - if you have a running friend or partner, run together and enjoy some good conversation and share you passion!
  2. Slow it down - If you are like me and your partner doesn't run, maybe slow it down and go for a hike or walk instead. Just enjoy some time together!
  3. Show your passion - Don't have someone to run with? That's okay! Run with acute shirt or while wearing something fun on your head. If you have a fun skirt, you could wear that too! Have fun!
  4. Join a virtual run! - You could run a virtual run like the the Motigo Valentine's Day Virtual Run. Hear motivation on your run and share the Run Love!
  5. Send some virtual love - Do you have some virtual running friends that inspire you and encourage you? Share the love via Facebook, Twitter, or other social media and let them know you care!

BONUS - Treat yourself to some discount chocolates after Valentine's Day - carb loading baby!



It's not hard to share the run love! How you are showing your Run Love this weekend?


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