The #BibRavePro Team Reviews the Orange Mud Endurance Pack

Hello all!

Here to share with you some more awesome product reviews from my fellow BibRavePros!

This week they got to review the Orange Mud Endurance Pack a pack meant to be flexible enough that it can fit your well without the bounce!

This pack is made of durable, breathable mesh and can carry a 2L hydration bladder. But enough of my blabbering, on to the reviews.

First we have Jeremy of Confessions of an Amateur Athlete who definitely tested the hydration limits while summer running in Arizona!

Angie tests it out and has fun with all the pockets and tries it out around town, at a 50k and on her bike!

Erica of Another Half Please talks fit and how easy the bladder is to fill, empty and clean!

Mark of Daddy Did You Win talks about transitioning to a hydration pack and how it's great for road runners!

Hopefully this gives you a great idea of how awesome Orange Mud is, they really put an emphasis on quality and function. It's truly a great and personable company!

So how are you hydrating this summer?

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