How to Find Your Next Race

So for me, and I know many of you, the best part of running is getting to run a race. Be it to run a PR, or to run with friends, or maybe just to have some fun, racing is the place where we can hang out with people like us while helpful volunteers give use water and fuel so we don't have to schlep it around ourselves!

So with that in mind, I want to give you my top tips for finding your next race, a "how to" if you will.

1. Find the Race

I have a few go-to resources for finding my races.

  1. - This is a crowdsourced review website where anyone can write a race review. They also include some ratings for things like aid stations, course difficulty and overall experience which makes it easy to scan to see if the race would be a foo fit for you!
  2. Running In the USA - This site feels a bit dated but with all it's filters and it's DEEP race inventory you can find anything. It also has some 50 stater tools to help you navigate some multi-race weekends.
  3. Have a favorite running blogger that writes race reviews? See what they've run and what they have to say about it. If you read a review you can also leave then a comment with any follow up questions.
  4. Google it! - Put in the city and the race distance and you'll get some hits to filter through. Not the best but it is a great way to start you in the right direction

You can also check out my discount page for some suggestions: Discounts

2. Research

The great thing about a site like BibRave is you can discover AND get more information about the race. But let's say you found the race another way, how do you make sure you aren't signing up for a mess of a race?

  1. Take a look at the race website - Some websites do a better job than others at setting up what the race will be like. If it's put on by a race company you can also try to get information about their other events since they are probably all pretty similar.
  2. Search "Race Name Review" - This should pull in any blogs or websites with reviews about the race. Hopefully these can give you a picture of past events.
  3. Does the race website link to a Facebook page or Twitter? If so you can hop on there to see if they were sharing information pre and post race the year before to get an idea of what the event was like.
  4. Send out the question on social media! - If I can't find anything on a race sometimes I'll just tweet out asking if anyone has run it before. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't but it doesn't hurt to ask!

3. Register!

So you've found the race, you've done your research and you think it's going to be a good event to meet your running goals.

What are you waiting for, register! Maybe try to talk a few friends into running it with you!

So that's usually my process to find the next race. I usually have a time frame, a distance I'm willing to travel and the race distance in mind which is usually enough to get me started.

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How do you find races? What are you favorite resources? Let me know if a comment below!