Happy New Year!


It's a new year and that means new goals, new hopes, and new beginnings. 2015 was a year of flux for me personally and a year of new adventures in running. This year I moved to a Boulder, CO without a job or any real plan and began a new life. It has been an experience that has taught me that I'm good at pushing through and getting things done. I don't sit idle, I make it happen.

Through many jobs and life challenges, I'm here at the end of the year so thankful for the opportunity to have taken that adventure. In running I pushed myself to get out on the trails and not be afraid of some serious elevation. I also accomplished my goal of running my first 50k which was one of the highlights of the year. 1621 miles later, I'm a smarter, stronger, and more adventurous runner!

Running up to 10k feet in utah is still one of the highlights from 2015!

Running up to 10k feet in utah is still one of the highlights from 2015!

My life is finally starting to even out, I have a job that I can see a real future with, a boyfriend whom I love more and more, and a whole year of new running and outdoors adventures ahead of me. I don't want to jinx it but I think 2016 might be a pretty good year!

To be honest, this past month has been a blur between the holidays, ending a job, starting a new job, and everything else that comes in life, this is the first time I've gotten to sit and reflect in a while.

What do I want to accomplish next year? What am I proud of from the blur that was 2015? I think what I've learned most of the past coule years is that, yes, setting goals is good but life throws you things both good and bad that test and stretch you more than anything you might have planned. That fact use to scare me but now I feel less pressure to set goals because, well, life will teach you things you might have never expected.

With that being said though, let's set some rough outlines for next year!

1. Run at least 2 trails races half marathon or longer

This year I've fallen in love with the trails and I want to get out there and race more on the trails. It's just such a fun adventure. Maybe another ultra?

2. Train Smarter

Even though I want to run on trails, I also still want to qualify for Boston and this means I need to train smarter. Since life has been so crazy, I've been throwing junk miles at my Dopey Challenge training just to get/maintain my stamina but it's time to start training smarter and get faster. This also includes more diligent strengthe training.


3. Do More Volunteering

I love volunteering and I want to do this more. I've already been laying the groundwork for this. I want to volunteer at both races and in the community, it's time to plant some roots here in Colorado.

4. Work Smarter

I really love my new job but I need to remember that I'm only human and can't do everything. Just like with my training, I need to work smarter to accomplish what I want career wise but also maintain my work/life balance. If I want to accomplish 2 and 3 above, this will be necessary!

5. Go Backcountry Backpacking

This is the only thing on my list that truly excites and scares me. When you backpack in the backcountry and camp out, you are dependent on what you have on your back and nature is more "real". At established campsites you can rely on the fact that years of people being in these areas meaning that wildlife will probably steer clear of you. When you on in the backcountry, well, you are in their territory. I love this idea, but it also does make me hesitate. I'm excited to explore new places though!


6. Continue all the good things

This include BibRave Pro, my new blog, and all the fun people that have come into my life via the running community this year. I want to continue crafting and geting better at corcheting and maybe even pick up a new hobby/craft (I have my eye on one in particular). I want to see friends and family more this year and just appreciate the good that is in mye life.

I really want 2016 being a year of appreciation. My friends and family have been so supportive over the last 2 years and I finally feel like I've got some stable ground beneath my feet and I want to give that support back.

I'm excited to kick-off 2016 right and get to WDW to run my 3rd Dopey Challenge. I hope to see some you there!