Election Reflection - Knowledge is Power

So before I go back to business as usual here on the blog, I have to process the election a bit (sorry, I know). This is the first election I felt strongly for a candidate, I'm usually more of an independent and find myself falling in the middle of the 2 parties, but after the Democratic Primary, I was with her.

So today we are here. I've had a lot of emotions and done a LOT of reading over these past few days since the election. Reading opinions (, comment sections - eep!) and watching videos from both sides of the vote. I've also been doing a lot of reading regarding what policy changes may be coming. I've also been very critical of everything I'm reading, from both the Dem and Rep opinion pieces.

So let's say I'm diving in like the nerd I am. I did not vote for Trump but that doesn't mean I put up my blinders and just stay in the echo chamber of my own social media and pretend this isn't happening. It happened and now more than ever knowledge is power.

We had a choice between 2 of the least liked candidates in American history and we chose one of them.

I've also been reflecting on the fact that other than voting, I didn't do anything to change the outcome. I didn't volunteer, I didn't really talk politics, and I didn't get involved, that's on me. I don't play the victim, I learn from my mistakes and course correct. I believe that steps I take today can change tomorrow, it'll be a long road but one I'm burning to be on. Like running, no change happens overnight, you have to put in the time now to see the change in 6, 12, 24 months (see I brought it back to running!).

So while I continue to process, read, absorb, and reflect here is where I'm coming out:

  1. I want to get involved. - I will volunteer for issues I feel strongly about. I will try to help those that need it most right now. Like Gandhi said, 'Be the change that you wish to see in the world.'
  2. I will question EVERYTHING I read - No matter if it's an opinion I agree with or not, I will try to educate myself from the source material. Both sides of this election have been in their social media and news echo chambers and the only way to break that cycle is to demand the source material, read it, and form your own conclusions. I will continue to read opinions from both sides of the aisle in an effort to better inform myself about how the public is being presented with the information.
  3. I recognize my privilege and pledge to help others - I am a white, heterosexual, non-immigrant, college educated female in a very blue city. I grew up in a white, well-educated suburb of Ohio. My mom and dad from day one never made me feel like I was not able to do anything because of my gender. I have privilege and I continue to have privilege because I have taken advantage of meritocracy and been able to move around the country to find the best opportunities. I promise I will use my privilege to help others in whatever way I can.
  4. I will stay awake - This is an extension of number 2, but this election has woken me up to all that I don't know about my city, state and national policies. I have been awoken to what I don't know or at the very least, what I don't know from the source. I need to educate myself with more source material. I read through some of the executive orders Obama put in place, truly interesting stuff and many orders led me down a road to understand what the change applied to. Knowledge is power guys!
  5. I will know my constitution better - The Constitution is something I've taken for granted. It's always there, it's a steadfast document that everyone in government agrees on, and it protects my rights as a person. I learned it in US Government in high school and I will learn it again.

For me knowledge is power, it helps me sort through the unknowns and makes me feel, well, powerful. It helps me process and form action plans. Without it I feel like a victim and well 1) I'm not a victim and 2) I never want to be.

So to everyone, don't live up to the stereotypes the other side has for you. Do good, listen, and help those that are afraid right now after this nasty election. I'm not religious but I try to live by one philosophy, "Be a good person" (or on sassier days, "Don't be a dick") and I'm going to try to live up to that now more than ever. Lead by example, lead with love, not fear or hate.

So with that, keep moving forward friends. Let me know how I can help or if you just want to talk.

While I don't know what the future holds, I know that this Nasty Woman has been awoken and will not be kept down or kept from helping others. This next era is just beginning. #BGSD

This loss hurts but please never stop believing that fighting for what’s right is worth it
— Hillary Rodham Clinton

Spread love, spread understanding, and help every voice continue to be heard, supported, and protected to help strengthen this great melting pot of a nation!