Throwing Shade - Rudy Project Rydon ImpactX-2 Sunglasses #bibchat

Disclaimer: I received the Rudy Project Rydon ImpactX-2 sunglasses to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Hello all,

You guest it, time for another review! I love being a BibRavePro and getting to try out so many different and awesome products.

This time it's the Rudy Project ImpactX-2 Photochromic sunglasses!

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I was a bit hesitant to try out sunglasses because I am a total hat/visor girl. I had stayed away from sunglasses because I thought they would bounce, rub, and generally just not be worth the hassle but when in Rome... err I guess BibRavePro, right?

A little background - Rudy Project is a trusted name in endurance sports and specializes in top of the line bike helmets, sunglasses, goggles, and other athletic apparel that TOP triathloners wear (they are the top choice for the World Championship IronMan Athletes). If someone was going to get a pair on sunglasses right for athletes, it was going to be these guys! 

So as all good tests start they arrived and I met my match for the first time...


These shades are pretty slick. They transition from clear to red when exposed to sunlight meaning they are great for bright sunny Boulder days but also my bike commute home after the sun has set and I just need some eye protection.

Before my run

Before my run

During my run

On my first run they were slipping down my nose so I took a second to pause and realized - the temple (that's the official name of the part that goes back to rest on your ears) was bendable! I quickly created a hook right where my ear was and no more slipping!

The nose piece was super adjustable too which made them even more comfy!

With these few adjustments I can now protect my eyes better than ever and also not worry about getting dirt and bugs in my eyes when running or biking. These are definitely high-quality and designed for performance like the other Rudy Project products!

The only thing I do have a slight issue with is the glare that sometimes occurs. This might be "user error" because I'm not the best at cleaning them, but sometimes at night car headlights can cause some funkiness. Nothing debilitating but still kind of annoying and disorienting.

Overall, I think these are a solid pair of sunglasses and I feel SUPER spoiled that these are my first "real" pair of sunglasses. They are adjustable in all the right ways and the transition lenses are a HUGE plus for me. If you are looking for some eye protection I would definitely check these out!

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What do you do to protect your eyes while running/biking/exploring?

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