Pumpkin Seeds - Delicious and Nutritious!

So with fall comes pumpkin flavored everything. Lattes, oreos, and even cereals, we definitely love our pumpkin spiced treats!

But let's take it back to the original treat, the real reason we all diligently cleaned out the "pumpkin guts", roasted pumpkin seeds!

Because after a #15k we do pumpkin patches! #bibchat #fall #pumpkins #Boulder

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These salted, roasted, crunchy treats are not only tasty but they are also really nutritious too! Let's take a look!

Pumpkin Seeds are:

  • A great source of Magnesium (50% of your daily recommended value in 1 cup), which is a mineral needed for pretty much every internal process from energy production to repairing bones!
  • A rich source of Zinc which helps with healthy skin and hair and also sleep!
  • A source in natural phytoestrogens and studies suggest it may lead to a significant increase in good "HDL" cholesterol
  • A great source of antidoxidants and fiber so they'll fill you up and hopefully ward off a nasty cold!
  • An anti-inflammation remedy that can help sooth aching muscles and joints!

So head over to your local pumpkin patch, pick out a big old orange gourd, and start getting to the good stuff. I also highly recommend trying this recipe if you are roasting some up yourself!

Bon Appetit!