Pre-Race Shenanigans!

So like all good stories, let's start at the very beginning and the very beginning for me means a park day!

The game plan for today was to make rope drop at Disneyland, ride a ride or 2, head over to Napa Rose for the

Cigna blogger meet up

, hit the expo, and then back to the parks to enjoy some rides and watch the parade and fireworks! This was not a day for quitters it was a go, go, go day!

It's time to Disneyland!!! #Disneyland60 #DisneylandHalf
A photo posted by Katherine Pease (@kpease128) on Sep 4, 2015 at 9:04am PDT

We were at the parks right before 9am and made our way over to Starbucks for some coffee. Our late night arrival was dragging us down a bit, so some Joe was just what the doctor ordered! We then made our way over to Fantasyland hoping to hop on Peter Pan but the line was already really long so we opted for Alice and Wonderland (all the effects were working)!

After that it was time for me to head to the Cigna Blogger Event (which I'll recap separately later since I want to share so much!) and enjoyed meeting other bloggers, learning about how to cook healthier and in season and then enjoy a delicious lunch of all the food that we made.

Chef Chris!

I can not say enough good things about this event and I hope to get invited to more in the future!

Once that was done, it was time to head over to packet pick-up! I dashed over, grabbed my bib, grabbed my shirts, swung by the Sparle Athletic for a new skirt and ran into everyone's favorite race announcer Rudy trying on a beautiful green skirt. He was nervous that it my his booty look big, but I assured him it looked just perfect!

I stopped by my second favorite vendor, RawThreads, to grab a new race top and I was moving fast! I looked over at the official merchandise area and the line was out the door and doing switchbacks in the lobby. I decided to skip it since I really wanted to get back to the parks for some fun!

We rode some more rides, including the Matterhorn with the new Yetis. The Matterhorn updates looked great and the new effects definitely add to the attraction! We grabbed some food at the Village Haus and then it was time to focus on the main event - Paint the Night and Disneyland Forever Fireworks!

I can not say enough good things about these nighttime entertainment additions! The parade is amazing, so bright, and just fun! The fireworks fully envelop you in the experience and I feel like I need to watch it 4 more times just to catch all the elements!

My new goal in life is to become a glow fairy!

I have name her Katy Perry Ariel

The fireworks didn't disappoint!

King Louis had a swingin' good time!

What a parade!!! Absolutely mesmerizing! #Disneyland60 #disneyland #MainSt #DisneylandHalf
A video posted by Katherine Pease (@kpease128) on Sep 4, 2015 at 9:25pm PDT

I don't normally stay for the fireworks the night before a race, but these were a  DON'T MISS on this trip so I sacrificed some sleep for some magic and it was totally worth it!

Goodnight Walt! See you bright and early!

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