Minotaur? No minoTOR™, it's just as magical!

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Hello all!

I have another review to do but I promise to have a "real" update soon. Life has been a little nutty but it will settle down soon as I countdown the days to my third Dopey Challenge! Can't wait to be at WDW again.

With that let's jump into another review! I'm always on the hunt to take my fueling game to the next level (it's a HUGE weakness in my training) so trying out a new drink with LOTS of science behind it was just what I needed.

Would it be somthing that would take my game to the next level in 2016? Let's jump in and find out!

Credit: drinkminotor.com

Credit: drinkminotor.com

minoTOR is a sports beverage that's all about the science!  Their name comes from a combination of Amino Acids (mino) and mTOR, the abbreviation for Mammalian Target of Rapamyacin ("a protein synthesis pathway that is vital for recovery and muscular growth") - told ya this was a real sciency product! 

minoTOR™ delivers sustained energy through better body functionality. O2 is utilized more efficiently, lactic acid is buffered and reduced, and overall RPE is improved making activities “feel” easier, promoting lean muscle gain and spurring fat loss. All of this combined allows you to train harder, longer, accelerate recovery, and get you back to the things you love faster.
— drinkminoTOR.com

How do they do this you ask? Let's jump in!

The formula contains amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that work together to promote the function of key systems that need repair or an extra boost before, during, and after working out. The formula promotes muslce function and repair, chemical regulation, increased energy, vasodilation (making your blood vessels sider = more blood flow = more oxygen to muscles), increased metabolism, and a whole host of other things! Pretty impressive

Their formula uses "ultra micronized, cold water soluble ingredients that offer rapid absorption and mix clear" which means that you won't find any sediment in your drink and your stomach will be able to absorb the important stuff quickly!

This product is all about getting the right stuff to the athlete immediately so you can perform at your best!

Each 16.9 fl oz bottle is 2 servings and each serving has 50 calories (100 calories per bottle). The recommend to keep it chilled to make sure all the cold water solubles are kepts, well, dissolved. minoTOR™ is clear and has a sweet taste, I can't quite pin down what it tastes like exactly (papaya?) but more on that later.


So opinion time, this drink isn't for me.

I love all the science behind it but the taste just didn't jive with my palate. I was super disappointed. This drink is SWEET and normally that doesn't bother me but there is something in the taste that just made it hard to stomach. Maybe there are too many vitamins in there and it makes it taste a bit "chemically"? There is definitely a tropical fruit in the taste and maybe that's it? I'm not totally sure but I really wanted to like this drink. There is definitely something "GU-like" in the flavor and maybe that's it.

Would I recommend trying this?

YES - the sciences is awesome and if the taste works for you then it's a win-win. 

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If you want more details about all the great stuff in minoTOR™ then check it out here: http://drinkminotor.com/

So what are you looking to change to up your game in 2016?

Let me know in the comments!