MESTRENGTH Hydration Mix Review

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Time for another product review! This time we are trying out a new hydration product!

I love opening up new BibRavePro mail!

MESTRENGTH is a creatine infused, zero calorie, zero sugar, and zero artificial hydration mix for your pre and post workout needs!

"Wait isn't creatine for meatheads trying to build gimongous muscles?"

Sometimes, yes. In this case no! Here's what they say about it:

"Muscle cells require a chemical called Adenosine Triphospate (ATP) as a source of energy and creatine is used by the body to create ATP. Therefore, MESTRENGTH helps muscles to build and replenish their supply of ATP, providing them with the energy needed for prolonged activity. The end result? Increased muscle energy."

So since it's just a little bit you get all the benefits of the muscle repair without the bulk. With only 5g per serving, this is aimed at repairing your muscles!

Also, by using stevia, a calorie free sugar replacement, your intestines don't have to work as hard to absorb the sugar. It's all about balancing those electrolytes!

So enough about the science, how do they taste?

They are pretty gosh darn delicious!

I got to try out all five flavors, fruit punch, grape, lemon lime, orange, and kiwi strawberry!

A flavor for everyone!

The flavors were tasty and not too sweet, they were actually pretty tart. The fruit punch tasted like sour patch kids and all the flavors had a bit of a tartness too them so you won't feel overwhelmed by sweet!

My two most favorite flavors were fruit punch and lemon lime. They were both a little tart and dissolved well!

Orange was tasty but I ended up having some flecks of orange in there which seemed weird to me.

Poor orange had a tough time dissolving...

I was drinking a lot of this between my first 50k at The North Face Endurance Challenge and then the Hot Chocolate 15k the next week and I totally believe this helped with my muscle recovery. 

If you are looking for a calorie replacement drink, this isn't it. But if you are looking for a great pre or post workout drink to hydrate and balance your electolytes, I highly recommend this! The science speaks to the advantage of this product and it's tasssssttyy! This is going to be on my short list of products to reorder!

Happy hydrating!