Zensah Thigh Sleeve Review!

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Hello all!

I'm excited to review another product and this one definitely intrigued me. As someone who is plagued by a hamstring injury from some intense days dancing in my teens, I'm always looking for ways to help those muscles heal and relax after a hard run, especially days when I'm trying out some speed. Speed definitely ups the chances I'll run into some hamstring issues.

So when I was contacted to try out the Zensah Thigh Sleeve, I jumped on it!

If you don't know Zensah you should! They make amazing compression products for every part of your body. Knees, calves, arms, feet... you name it and they've probably made it.

Here is the description for the thigh sleeve:

"The Zensah Thigh Compression Sleeve may be used during training, activity, or for muscle recovery. The compression technology in the thigh sleeve helps to stabilize and support the quad and hamstring muscles, as well as improve circulation. A no-slip gripper ensure the thigh sleeve stays in place."

I was right on edge between sizes so I decided to size down to make sure it was nice and tight. Who likes loose compression wear? Not this girl!

So I slipped it on and.... Whoa, that thing is tight! If you are between sizes, I suggest going up!

Once it was on I definitely felt supported and my irritated hamstring definitely felt relieved after a 20 min session. I really love wearing this post run or after I've iced to keep inflammation down.

This did pose a problem when I tried moving around though. When I was walking around, the top elastic started rolling down. I tried adjusting it higher on my thigh but it only helped slightly. When I tried running it did the same thing, just rolling down from the top. No beuno. :(

So in summary this is a great product for a person who is looking for something to help their thigh and hamstring to recover. If you are looking for "on the run" support, you should probably check out their compression tights and shorts instead!

Want to try out the thigh sleeve for yourself? Want to try out another Zensah product? Use code ZSBibChat20 to get 20% off your purchase through 9/22! Happy Shopping!


Hope this helps and happy running!