Workouts 9/14-9/20

I'm officially in full blown taper! This week I only ran 22 miles and then hiked another 5 so it's been a nice chill week as I get prepped for my first 50k. The hike on Sunday was just what the doctor ordered because I've been running at a super high anxiety place the past couple weeks.

  • Monday - Rest day - I did some core workouts and some back strengthening exercises!
  • Tuesday - 5 miles - These felt harder than I wanted them to but definitely feeling like I'm kicking off the soreness and cobwebs!
  • Wednesday - Rest day - More core and back strengthening!
  • Thursday - 7 miles - Again felt a bit fatigued but not exhausted!
  • Friday - Rest day - Didn't do anything! :)
  • Saturday - 10 miles - Went back to Table Mesa and ended up taking a "wrong turn" onto another trail. It was fun to explore and see something new at my "old" stomping grounds.

Final double digit run before ECS Utah!

  • Sunday - 5 mile hike - The aspens are in full fall color out here so we went to Nederland and did a nice hike up to Lost Lake. It was just what I needed to unwind a bit and we even came upon an adolescent moose who was enjoying his dinner of tree foliage!

Beautiful day for a hike!

I'm definitely feeling ready to go! My legs are not feeling fatigued and this week it's all about keeping loose, doing some core strengthening exercises and just taking care of my nerves!

What did you do this week? Are you tackling a new a challenge? Are you training for a fall race? Let me know in the comments!