Trail Running Essentials

Hello there!

It's officially 36 hours until I'll be toeing the line at the North Face Endurance Challenge in Utah and I'm excited and anxious but it's also officially time to start packing!

With a 6am drive tomorrow I need to get everything in order and I thought I'd share with you some of my trail running essentials!

My Trail Running Essentials

  1. Ultimate Direction Ultra Vest - "Designed by Jenny Jurek with help from the Women's Collective, the 2014 Trail Runner Magazine Gear of the Year Award winning Ultra Vesta is ergonomically shaped to fit perfectly and perform flawlessly." I love this pack! I can carry 90 fl oz easily between the 70 oz bladder and the 2 10 oz bottles. I love that I can add my own electrolyte powder to the small bottles, it's perfect!
  2. Skratch Exercise Hydration Mix - I've been trying some new things as far as fueling goes and this is my favorite! The flavors are delicious (I like the pineapple!) and they are easy to put in your pack. They aren't effervescent like some too so you don't have to worry about making a mess. These are great!
  3. Honey Stinger - Gold - I am both a heavy and salty sweater and also very sensitive to salt (or at least I think I am). I had been using GU and, well, it just never worked perfectly. I can't tell you how many long runs or races I've finished where my stomach is just not quite right because I've gotten my electrolytes wrong. Going natural is the right way to go! It makes my tummy so much happier and having more potassium rather than sodium also makes my body happy. I highly recommend trying these!
  4. Plantronics BackBeat Fit headphones + iPod - Long runs = lots of me time = I need distractions. I love listening to Podcasts on my runs so that I can absorb some knowledge! Check out my review of these headphones!
  5. La Sportiva Ultra Raptor - Soooo... I didn't do a lot of research before heading to the store to get my trail shoes. I went to REI and had them help me find some good shoes and these have been working great! These shoes are super supportive yet light which is just what I needed. I'm so happy that my first pair have worked out so well, I'm curious to try others but I really, really like these.

Honorable Mention (for all runners) - Sunscreen! Find one that works, wear it, reapply it, and love it.

That's my list but I'm curious, what's on your list?