Coffee Brain or Beer Brain?

Hello all!

Mmmm... coffee... It sustains me. Without running and coffee I would be a much less energized and happy person (peanut butter and ice cream would become my new vices!).

Coffee is great at getting you energized and ready to execute on an idea or just get your brain going in the morning. It's delicious, dark and so customizable and it's benefits have been researched over and over and it can help with so many health concerns!

However, sometimes your brain also needs to relax and some people say they work better if they've "imbibbed' a bit. Luckily, we can determine with this fun infograhic, is it a coffee brain or a beer brain that will help move your task forward (on your personal project of course, not actually at work unless your company allows that).


As athletes we both need to be on our toes but also let our minds dream about our next race and relax after a long effort. But remember too much of either and you can decrease the benefits. Don't forget to drink an extra glass of water too!

So which is it, do you need a beer or a coffee right now?

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