Workouts for 8/3-8/9

Each week getting stronger and each week learning new things and that's what running (and life) is all about!

I'm getting so excited for Disneyland Half and all the fun to be had!

Pre Week Feelings:

Tired from all the hiking but feeling more rested after the down week and focused on getting my 50 miles in this week. That was the main goal, 50 miles for the week with one of those runs being a 20+ miler on the trails.

  • Monday - Rest Day! I did a short glute/thigh workout and a quick core workout - more of these to come in my future!
  • Tuesday - 8.15 miles - It was suppose to be 10 but I got a bit of a late start that morning.
  • Wednesday - 5.6 miles - Tacked on the .6 to make us some miles form Tuesday
  • Thursday - 6.25 miles - Again tacking on mileage to make up for the deficit from Tuesday
  • Friday - Rest day! Woots ready for the weekend!
  • Saturday - 23.25 miles - This was the big one. This was my longest trail run ever and I learned a lot. Mostly - bring more water and REALLY check your hydration pack, doing loops is great because I can refuel at the car, and that I REALLY need to do more core/back strengthening. My lower back was not happy around mile 18 which combined with the fact that I didn't fill up my hydration pack enough before starting the final loop which turned the last 5 miles into a bit of a struggle. I got it done though, 23.25 miles with 4.6k of climbing!
  • Sunday - 6.75 miles - Woke up sore (especially the booty) and pretty tired. Finally got my behind in gear and got in 6.75 miles to make up my 50 mile week! My legs felt noodly because my muscles were tired and I was still dehydrated from the day before.

The trails are worth it to see beauty like this!

Once again lots of learning and growing but celebrating a 50 mile week! What did you learn last week? Comment below!