Workouts for 7/27-8/2

Hello all,

Another successful week of running! Lots of trail running and also some hiking to get up to altitude and mix it up a bit.

Pre-Week Feelings:

I was still pretty exhausted from moving and then my runs that weekend. While the distances were lighter I was definitely playing catch up physically but I was definitely starting to feel like myself. I also decided to start taking iron which I think is helping me. I'm not as sleepy anymore.

This Week:

  • Monday - Rest day! I did a short yoga workout which was surprisingly not boring and quite refreshing!
  • Tuesday - 6 miles - I found a dirt trail near me so I'm able to pound more dirt to help my muscles acclimate to the reduced rebound.
  • Wednesday - 4 miles - more trails
  • Thursday - 6 miles - back to the trails - I should have done hills but was having a lack of motivation/was confused about where I wanted to go. One of my greatest faults is always thinking I'm going to "choose wrong" and then just not doing anything.
  • Friday - Rest day! Saw AntMan - super funny!
  • Saturday - 14 trail miles - back to Mesa and was feeling great so I "set my intention" (aka chose my mindset and my goals for the run) and ran my fastest Mesa out and back yet! I also set a new PR on the "stairs from hell" Strava segment. :)
  • Sunday - 10 miles - I have been running a lot (and thus leaving the BF at home) so since this was a "down" week I decided to do some hiking instead. 7.8 miles hiking up and down Twin Sisters and then a quick 2.4 mile jog around Lily Lake to make my 10 mile goal! It was perfect!

Week Total: 40 miles - met my mileage goals for the week and had some fun!

Sunday was also the Boulder Ironman and while I'm not a triathlete, I'm definitely tri-curious and all this new found power from trail running has got me excited for more challenges in the future! Those Ironman athletes are insane in the best way!

Hope you all had a great week and try setting your intention for a run this week. I hope it helps clear your mind and helps you focus on your goals!