Workouts 8/10-8/16

Hello all!

Sorry all that this is delayed, last week was filled with fun, friends, and travel so the work/life balance got a bit out of whack but we're back!

So this past week wasn't a great week training wise because the weekend was spent celebrating my friends' wedding! This was a weekend I had been looking forward to for almost a year and well, running came second this weekend.

Pre-Week Feelings

I went into the week fatigued from the weekend runs but nothing too bad. I wanted to get in as many miles as I could but running was definitely coming second this week.

  • Monday - Rest Day!
  • Tuesday - 6 miles - Easy miles with the goal of getting atleast 20 miles in before leaving for the weekend!
  • Wednesday - 7 miles - More easy miles
  • Thursday - 7 miles - More easy miles
  • Friday - Rest and traveling - Technically we traveled on a Thursday redeye but this day was spent in Boston and then getting to New Hampshire for the wedding!
  • Saturday - 6.5 miles - Early morning miles before the wedding day festivities began - I forgot how much humidity sucks. Hello East Coast summer! I got in some trail miles though which was fun, much different running trails in New Hampshire versus here in Boulder!
  • Sunday - Unplanned Rest day - I was suppose to get in more miles but after having a bit too much fun at the wedding and riding a heavy sleep deficit from the travel so I knew I needed to just go with the flow!

Total Mileage: 26.5 miles

Beautiful New Hampshire!

Overall, I was disappointed with my mileage but at the end of the day, I needed the weekend to reconnect with friends and just enjoy the celebration. I don't regret not running as planned this week, one weekend will not make or break race day, it's consistent training that gets you to the finish line.