Mid-Year Check In!

Hello all,

July is upon us and that means... we are already half way through the year! How are you doing?

Here's how my year has been so far:

  • Miles run: 734.21
  • Races Completed: 9 (most in January)
  • Up next: Disneyland Half Marathon!

So my goals got a little off track this year. I ended up hurting my hip and it's been a slow trek to get back on track.

Is a 50k still in my future this year? Maybe.

Is another marathon in my future this year? Hopefully!

Will I run some more half marathons? Yes! I love the half marathon distance!

What am I going to do with the rest of my year?

  • HIKE! I love hiking and can't wait to scale my first 14er!
  • Run the races on my schedule and hoepfully work in a few more! Maybe a 50k if I start feeler stronger but I'm still babying my hip right now.
  • Try Power Yoga
  • Try Swimming - this is something I've been talking about for awhile and I would love to hit the water!

I really want to get out there and try out some new things. I think boxing myself into just running for this long is starting to wear on my poor body. Poor me... jk! I just want to get stronger and faster. It's all about the running, baby!

So how are you doing with your goals? On track? Ahead of schedule?