The Final Countdown!

Well folks it's that time again! Time for another race!

We are in the final countdown to the Colfax marathon which will be my 11th marathon. Woots!

I'm excited to one run in Denver and to test my legs again. Each race is a new adventure!

The Course

This is a fun course that's a tour of the city including running through the zoo! I'm really excited for this race.

So I think it's always important to do a reality check before a race of where I am mentally and physically:

  • Altitude is still kicking my butt a little bit. Mostly with recovery but I still get a little mroe winded.
  • My hip has been bugging me. It's just a dull pain but enough to mess with my head. I've been babying it this week and it's fine as long as I take some tylenol though.
  • Life has been crazy but is finally settling down so I'm in celebration mode which will hopfully give me the boost I need on race day!

So now we are into the goal setting mode!

  • Goal 1: as always FINISH!
  • Goal 2: Sub-4hr marathon (I've been consistently under this time for my past few races)
  • Goal 3: Set a new PR - I would need to be 3:43:01
  • Goal 4: BQ!!!! Still chasing this. I need to beat a 3:35 but to be safe I'd really need to run sub 3:33.

Well that's that.