Let's Make Lemonade! (Team Lemon)

This year I decided that I wanted to run the Dumbo Double Dare for charity. There were a lot of reasons that I made this decision (didn't have to do the crazy stressful sign up when it opened, didn't want to drop the money at that time for the full registration fee, didn't know if this race was in the plan for the year yet, etc) but really I was inspired by my mom.

Last year my mom died unexpectedly and for unknown causes. My mom was extremely charitable giving of her time and energy to so many different charities. She was so involved that at the end of her obituary we thought it fitting to add this:

"In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to Riverside UM Church, St. Joseph Montessori School Music Program, or the charity where you knew her the best"

As anyone who has had someone close to them die, I'm still trying to find ways to honor her and running for a charity group is something I CAN do. Before my mother's death, she had signed up through Alex's Lemonade Stand, a charitable group dedicated to ending childhood cancer, to run the WDW 5k. She had chosen this charity since she herself had spent a good portion of her career researching childhood diseases and cancer or supporting those that were doing research at the Columbus Children's Hospital.

This would've been my mom's 4th WDW 5k, but sadly my Dad walked in her place instead.

For this year's Dumbo Double Dare, I've chosen Alex's Lemonade Stand as my charitable organization. Not only is this a great organization but it now carries an entirely personal meaning as well.

I know what it means to lose a parent, but I can only imagine the pain a parent feels when they lose a child or watch their child suffer from a life threatening illness. I want to be a part of the solution to ending this type of tragedy.

So why am I writing all this?

Because I need your support. Please check out my page and if you find it in your heart to donate that's great, if not that's okay too.

First 2 people to donate $50 or more will get to choose the character that I'll run as during each race! Donate here:  MouseRunner's Lemonade Stand

I'm also hoping to organize some virtual events to bring in donations! I'll keep you posted!

Also, $2 of each purchase made on my Etsy page will be donated to my page and if you buy Alex the Lemon, this will be a $10 donation in your name! Check out my Etsy shop: RunCraftRepeat

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