Pancake Week! (Day 5 - Red Velvet Pancake)


Another day, another pancake and today's was definitely unique. These pancakes are tasty, but honestly, more in a dessert way rather than a breakfast way. PRO TIP - Eat it with the cream cheese frosting, it really helps to mellow out the sweetness of the pancake. The two go together perfectly!

It's got me seeing red! :P

I will make these again and next time I'll do a better job about mixing in the dry ingredients slowly and also I'll sift my cocoa powder to get some of the cocoa chunks out. I kind of failed there and kept finding chunks of cocoa in the batter every once and a while. These are definitely a fun special occasion style pancake that I'll keep in my recipe Rolodex.

The batter is fairly thin so I was able to cook it at the same temperature as the Diner Pancake.


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