Cold Hands Warm Hearts! (Valentine Craft)

Do you have cold hands like me? Like seriously constantly cold? Then you know how annoying it is. I decided it was time to make a cute craft that will help keep my fingers toasty.

Cold Hands Warm Hearts

Also, as you can see I made 2 sets which means... I'm giving one away! See the bottom of this post for details!

Here are the details:

  • Pattern: Crochet Pattern – Little Heart Plushy + Inspiration from Instructables!
  • Materials:
    • Cotton Yarn - Medium Worsted Weight (used Sugar 'n Cream)
    • Cotton Material - I found a remnant at Joann's
    • Rice
    • Cotton thread
    • Needle (one for the rice packet and one to work in yarn ends)
    • US Size G Crochet Hook (The pattern used a larger hook but I wanted the crochet to be a bit tighter)
    • Scissors
    • Stitch Marker
    • Modifications: I followed the pattern for the heart to make and connect the humps but then just decreased until I thought it was a nice shape. I then added in my own packet of rice for the heating component.  Make sure everything you use is cotton since to heat up the rice you'll need to put it in the microwave. If you use an acrylic you risk the plastic fibers melting. See directions below for adding in the rice packet.

Rice Packet

Cut a triangle of fabric that will fit inside the size heart you intend to make. Mine was ~2" in each side.

Fold in half and sew along the open sides. Fold the fabric on top of itself to prevent rice from leaking out of the rice packet.

Sew the 2 open sides using a running stitch. When you have a small opening left, fill with rice (I used ~1 tablespoon of rice in each packet). Sew up the remaining edge.

Crochet the heart until you only have 5 or so rounds left. Put the rice packet inside and finish the heart.

And viola! You have a nice little hand warmer. Pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time to heat it up and you are good to go!

Can't wait to try these out when it gets cold again around here.

I've added them to my Etsy store, check it out: RunCraftRepeat

Giveaway Info!

So now that I've given you the details to make your own, I'd love to give a pair of these away! Let's do this!

All you have to do is click the button below and tweet out about the giveaway and you are entered! So easy, right?! Click, tweet, win! 

GIVEAWAY OVER... thanks for reading!