Dear 2014

Dear 2014,

You were... a doozy. I feel like you can sum up all the years in your 20's as "it is the best of times, it is the worst of times" and, well, 2014 you epitomized this phrase. You pushed me to the limit at work at the beginning of the year, to only get laid-off from my dream company in March. I then started an amazing job at a start up and well, I was met with the uncertainty of the start up life. I then started another job, and quit because well, life and it was not the right fit. To say I learned a lot about myself through this process would be a huge understatement. You also sent me the unforeseen sudden death of my mother, that was hard. It will continue to be hard. You also sent me a tree, a lovely old tree that fell on my apartment. Thanks for that.

However, life sent me just what I needed this year to be able to get through all this mayhem. It sent me great friends and a great boyfriend. Without them, I would've unraveled this year. It wouldn't have been pretty. I probably would've ended up back in Ohio, which wouldn't have been bad, but it definitely would've have been a move for comfort rather than for moving forward. So thank you 2014 for all the joy that they brought me and all the support they continue to give me. I really can't thank them enough.

Thank you 2014 for my health. I have gotten through it and become stronger both emotionally and physically. My running has been a lot of fun this year and I can't wait to see where it takes me next year as I start off the year with attempting my second Dopey challenge and then running all the Star Wars weekend races. Both races will also have lots of friends and family involved! It's going to be the best!

So 2014, you kind of sucked, but you had a few bright spots which I will carry with me into the new year. I learned A LOT but at the end of it all, I came out knowing myself better and getting in touch with what I really need from life.

See you later 2014, it's been real.


PS 2015, I look forward to all the adventure and learning that will come from living in a new state (Colorado), starting a new job (TBD), and living with my boyfriend (<3). I'm not going to jinx it and say you can't be worse that 2014, but I really hope you can give me, my friends, and my loved ones a break. Thanks!