This Week (6/9-6/15)

What a week it's been... but time to look forward and move on to the next week! I did get in some good running though!

  • Monday - Rest Day - really took it easy, only did my commute biking
  • Tuesday - 5 Miles - I was feeling a little burned out but this run was a great way to start the day!
  • Wednesday - Rest Day - Impromptu rest day! Woke up a little sniffly and just feeling exhausted so I needed to take it easy
  • Thursday - 5 Miles - My rest day was just wanted I needed because I jumped back in and felt great!
  • Friday - 6 Miles - Felt really great! Just tried to use it as a release from the week. The world looked really nice and rosy on this particular Friday!
  • Saturday - 10 Miles - A solid 10 miles. Felt really good and it was a great way to prepare for deep, fried deliciousness that would be found at the county fair!
  • Sunday - 14.5 Miles - Felt pretty good for the first 10 and then started getting tired but overall a pretty good run.
Total Miles: 30.5 Miles

Getting revved up for a better week!