This Week (6/2-6/8)

This week was a little crazy but a lot of awesome! Things are finally settling down after the catharsis of last week/weekend, however, I ran more days than expected.

Also, whoever put National Running Day and National Donut Day in the same week is both a genius and super ironic but I love it!

  • Monday - 2 Miles - These were easy intermittent miles, this realy should've been a rest day but needed to get some more testing in!
  • Tuesday - 4.5 Miles - Easy fun miles out to the bay!
  • Wednesday - 3.25 Miles - National Running Day! I couldn't NOT run on this day!
  • Thursday - Rest - Finally!
  • Friday - 3.5 Miles - I probably should've taken another rest day but my legs were antsy! Also, needed to log some miles to make room for my free donut!
  • Saturday - 9 Miles - Played a little #runchathunt and felt great!
  • Sunday - 17 Miles - It was suppose to be 18 but it was so HOT here. I'm proud of the miles I did run though basically I wanted to just go home at every mile I got too. It was not a good run.
Hope next week's runs are better! This week was CRAY-ZY! Proud of the miles I logged but frustrated with how crazy I tackled them.

Happy running all!